Inspiration: Amococo

Today I went on a little "field trip" to walk through the Artsplosure exhibit of Amococo on City Plaza in Raleigh.  I was not quite sure what to expect, but found myself truly inspired by the use of color, lighting and, well, air.

From the Artplosure site:
"Amococo is a large scale, inflatable sculpture constructed of translucent vinyl and made up of labyrinthine tunnels and inspiring spacious domes. A sensual world of liquid light and color, it is a multi-sensory space that welcomes, inspires and affects everyone who enters. Amococo will be the third luminarium from Architects of Air to be exhibited in Raleigh. Levity III was presented in August 2008 at "Art on the Edge," and Mirazozo had its world premier at Artsplosure 2010."

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