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I'm Amy, web developer/web designer/graphics designer/project manager/amateur photographer living in the eastern United States. By nature, I am a collector. I collect music, books, home ideas and miscellaneous tidbits of information that I will never need to know for my job or general advancement in life.

You will find an eclectic range of stuff here that peaks my interest for some reason or another.

I met my husband, Jonathan, at ASU while we were both majoring in Computer Science. We married in May of 2000 - two weeks after graduation. We have two adorable Shih Tzu dogs, Molly & Max.  In January 2008, we completed the building of our dream home in Jonathan's small, quaint hometown of Carthage, NC. Later that year we adopted a fun-loving outside dog named Cedar.

On January 30, 2009, after a 7 1/2 year struggle with infertility, I gave birth to our beautiful daughter, Grace, at 31 weeks. She is now a brilliant, beautiful, highly dramatic toddler and the absolute joy of my life.

(updated 2011)

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Anonymous said...

I stumbled on this site searching for images of flowers for a pack of cards I'm designing. I really like some of your pictures - especially the spiral stained glass and neon heart. Can I use them and if so can you tell me where the photos were taken?

You can see my own website which is stuck as the shop which put it together (from material I gave them - I just laid out two pages so it's my unprofessional design) has gone into liquidation. I am struggling to start a business - Blue Lotus Enterprises - partly to give Community Cohesion workshops and partly to sell the card-games I have designed. The latest project is to design a pack of cards just for early years age group as the cards I have at the moment are two versatile to market.

anyway, I wondered since you share my passion for spirituality and inspiration - and you are clearly a web designer who shares my passion for colour - whether you might be able to take on the website for a very small (as I have still yet to make a profit) fee.

my website is www.community-cohesion.com

lots of love and keep up the great work

Durga-Mata Chaudhuri