Barneys Gets Their Green On

Rudolph the Recycling Reindeer finds a home for the season in the window of the famed Barneys New York, making it the first "green" window in the NYC history.

Rudolph, made of cans and other recycled materials, is also joined by a listing of the 12 Green Days of Christmas:
12 Tons of Tofu, 11 Solar Panels, 10 New Age Gurus, 9 Organic Carob Bars, 8 Tickets to Burning Man, 7 Sustainable Ostrich Farms, 6 Compost Toilets, 5 Rolls of Recycled Gift Wrap, 4 Fair Trade Futons, 3 Free Range Sustainably Farmed Organic Hens, 2 Vegan Chefs and a Pirus in a Pear Tree!

For more information:
- Barneys New York
- Article from the Observer


Cards With Meaning

This holiday season, try sending cards with special meaning - those that give back to people in need.

Here are a few sites:

- Inspired by Lillie - Donations go to The Loneliest Road Campaign
- Cards That Give - contains a list of charities with greeting cards
- Good Cause Greetings
- Heartfelt Charity Cards
- Hallmark - UNICEF & Project (Red)
- Children's Cancer Research Fund
- Alex's Lemonade Stand


James Blunt Visits Sesame Street

James Blunt mourns his lost triangular love on Sesame Street:


Five From My Playlist - 11/01/2007

1. "Time After Time" - Quietdrive. This Cyndi Lauper cover is even better than the original.

2. "Ruby" - Kaiser Chiefs. Catchy. It's hard enough to say "Ruby" three times, fast, let alone sing it.

3. "Jessica" - Elliot Minor. The band's tribute to Jessica Alba has a unique sound that really works.

4. "Mr. Rock & Roll" - Amy MacDonald. This Scottish vocalist/guitarist/piano/drummer has a "booming" voice and lyrics to match.

5. "How Far We've Come" - Matchbox Twenty. Matchbox Twenty is back in full force. The video is a montage of historical events, good and bad, making one ponder - how far have we really come?