Floor Plan Duplex Square Dinnerware

Floor Plan Duplex 11" Square Dinnerware, Fishs Eddy, $20.95
Other sizes plates and platters available


Season Metal Lantern

Season Metal Lantern, notNeutral, $50
Black, 14" high, holds 3 candles


Artist Spotlight: Landon Pigg

Around Christmastime last year, I found myself mesmerized by a commercial on TV. You probably saw it too - one of the "A Diamond is Forever" for De Beers. It was unusual for me to see any commercials (DVR, woo!), but it happened to be on for some reason and I immediately stopped whatever it was I was doing to watch. I don't remember the content of the commercial itself, because that is not what grabbed my attention. It was a song.

I did a search on the internet, and finally found the song and the artist - "Falling in Love in a Coffee Shop" by Landon Pigg.

Landon's music has been featured on commercials as well as TV shows. He writes most of his own songs. His latest album, "LP", features a blending of smooth vocals and breezy acoustics. "Can't Let Go" is the first track from that album.

The official videos cannot be embedded, but here is the audio with lyrics for "Falling in Love in a Coffee Shop".

Thomas Paul Bali Cotton Twill Pillow

Thomas Paul Bali Cotton Twill Pillow, Design Public, $40




Self Portrait Mirror

Self Portrait Mirror, Elsewares, $46
Mustache, Antlers and more designs available






Egglings, Elsewares, $9.50
Just crack open egg and add water!



Vin-Eau Carafe

Vin-Eau Carafe, Elsewares, $48
2 cups fit into the top for easy storage



Inspiring Desktops

I get so many compliments on my monthly-changing desktop wallpaper that I decided to share my resources list. The list is in alphabetical order, with my top three picks starred.

I like to have a calendar on the desktop, so if the one that I pick for a particular month doesn't have one, I create one for it using PhotoShop, as I did to the VladStudio Art above. I don't advocate modifying the artwork of other people, but I do this for personal use only.

Resource List:


The Cable YoYo, Blue Lounge, $4.95


Tile Tattoos

Tile Tattoos, 2Jane, $16 (set of 6)
(Transform your plain tiles!)



Artist Spotlight: William Joseph

The piano stylings of William Joseph will completely enthrall you. I found this highly talented artist while searching for another.
I had the priviledge of hearing Lucia Micarelli perform "Kashmir" live in concert last year. Lucia is a violinist that tours with Josh Groban, and that performance was A. MAZ. ING. So, immediately after that concert, I began an obsessive hunt for the track of that song. It is not on her album, but after quite a bit of tracking, I found it. She recorded the track as a duet with a pianist I had never heard of - William Joseph - on his "Within" album. I really love that track - I even grabbed a clip from it as my ringtone.

Eventually, I went back bought the entire album, and I highly recommend it if you enjoy piano music.

William's "Within" album contains "Kashmir" as well as an incredible cover of "Dust in the Wind", but it contains a host of other great songs. Here is the track listing:
  1. Within
  2. Eternal
  3. Stella's Theme
  4. Butterflies And Hurricanes
  5. Ave Maria
  6. Kashmir (Featuring Lucia Micarelli)
  7. Homeward Bound
  8. Piano Fantasy
  9. Se Si Perde Un Amore
  10. Dust In The Wind (Featuring Garou)
  11. Grace
The tracks on his new album,"Beyond", released 5/20:
  1. Standing The Storm
  2. Beyond
  3. Leningrad
  4. Heroes
  5. Once Upon Love [Featuring David Foster]
  6. Kashmir
  7. Sweet Remembrance Of You
  8. Apasionada
  9. Return With Honor
  10. Cinema Paradiso
  11. Asturias [Featuring Jesse Cook]
  12. A Mother's Heart
Find out more about William here, and both albums are available at Amazon here.

Umbra Artala Waste Basket

Umbra Artala Waste Basket (shown in "ocean blue"), Unica Home, $18


Book Releases - June 2008

Releasing this month:

Light Bulb Candle

Light Bulb Candle, The Spoon Sisters, $25