Artist Spotlight: Ingrid Michaelson

With simple melodies, quirky lyrics and a lovely voice, Ingrid Michaelson might just be the best "new" artist that I have heard in a while.

I heard her song "The Way I Am" online the other day. Instantly impressed, I downloaded the rest of her album "Girls & Boys".


Site Spotlight: stopglobalwarming.org

The existence of a global warming becomes more undeniable with every day that passes. Greenhouse gases have reached unimaginable levels. Glaciers are melting. Significant weather events have increased in frequency and in intensity. Species are becoming endangered or extinct because of changes in climate. Droughts are rampant all over the Earth. A global problem requires a global solution.

Humans can make a difference by awareness and commitment to change.

The Stop Global Warming Virtual March leads the way in both regards. SGW works hard to spread the word about global warming and what we can do to counteract the damage done to the environment every day.

Activist Laurie David and singer/songwriter Sheryl Crow kicked off a tour of college campuses across the United States this year to send the message and urge college students to become a part of the movement.

For more information, go here.


Site Spotlight: Forest Ethics

"Motivating people to reform corporations. Motivating corporations to protect forests." These are the objectives of ForestEthics, a nonprofit organization committed to protecting endangered forests.

ForestEthics initiates change by calling out the corporations who produce and/or utilize products that contribute to the destruction of our valuable, endangered forests. The groups uses protests, websites, email campaigns, national advertisements and more to send the conservation message across to the corporations and to consumers.

This tactic works. A great example of this is the "Victoria's Dirty Secret" campaign. This campaign catapulted environmental responsibility to the forefront and called the Limited Brands corporation to action.

Visit the website for more information.