Inspiration: Long Exposure

To create a long exposure photograph, the photographer sets the shutter speed for a long duration of time.  This method results in a blurred effect for all the moving objects in the photo, while the stationary objects remain sharply in focus.  This effect is perhaps most effective when photographing moving lighted objects at night or when photographing moving water.

Flickr Roundup:


Free Beats

Chris “Shockwave” Sullivan is a master of beatboxing. Watch as he takes his improvisational act to the streets of New York:


Artist Spotlight: Kylan K.

I ran across Kylan K aka Foundring, a very talented young pianist on YouTube.  His work is amazing.  Here is just a taste:

Radiohead Piano Medley - Music by Thom Yorke, Jonny Greenwood, etc.:

Etudes (January 2005) - Video Album, Music by Foundring:

The Minute Waltz by Frédéric Chopin - played in one minute + swing version:

Marley -- Piano Medley of Mario Tunes -- If Fats or Tatum had a Nintendo...:

The Fingerbreaker (or Fingerbuster) by Jelly Roll Morton:

Update! Added additional tracks to this post!

Lux Aurumque by Eric Whitacre (boogie woogie version...):

Gymnopédie - 1/14 - Quintessences (2011):


Artist Spotlight: Mumford and Sons

Here are some highlights from the English folk rock band, Mumford and Sons. Their latest album is Sigh No More.

"Roll Away Your Stone":

"White Blank Page":

"I Gave You All":


Book Releases - March 2011

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