Five From My Playlist - 03/24/2006

I've been revisiting some more tracks from a few years back. Here's my latest list...

1) "Last Kiss" - Pearl Jam. A haunting song, made especially so by Eddie Vedder's emotionally lined voice.

2) "Give Me One Reason" - Tracy Chapman & Eric Clapton. I've always liked Tracy's version, but I recently came across this duet with Eric Clapton. It's great.

3) "Shot You Down" - Nancy Sinatra. I recently re-watched the Kill Bill movies again, and this song is just so appropriate for the Bride.

4) "God Walks the Dark Hills" - Vestal Goodman. The Queen of Southern Gospel outdid herself on this one. Another one of my favorites that she brings a lot to is "Rock of Ages"

5) "Killing Me Softly" - The Fugees. Lauryn Hill has such a soulful voice, and it really makes the remake of this song.


Five From My Playlist - 03/13/2006

Latest five on my list...

1) "The Scientist" - Coldplay. A beautiful love song.

2) "Right Here" - Staind. I love the emotional plea in this song.

3) "Girl Next Door" - Saving Jane. I wish I would have known this song in high school.

4) "Who I Am Hates Who I've Been" - Relient K. This track is just so out of the normal, that I find it interesting.

5) "Bad Day" - Daniel Powter. Everyone has bad days, right? The video makes me like this song even more. I feel that it will quickly be overplayed, though, if the local radio station is any indication. Video is copyrighted, but here is the audio.