Bubble Optic Tumblers

Bubble Optic Tumblers in Purple, Pier 1, $4.50 for smaller; $5 for larger



Celadon Ceramic Oil Burner

Celadon Ceramic Oil Burner in 'Proud Elephant', Novica, $24.99


Balboa Clock

Balboa Oversized Contemporary Wall Clock, Target, $99.99


Floral Turkish Cotton Bath Towels

Floral Turkish Cotton Bath Towels in Grey/Aqua, World Market, $4.99 - $14.99


13 Weeks, 2 Days

Dear Unborn Baby,

Wow, you are really growing! Today you measured 6.93 cm, and you are beginning to fill up the womb. Your heart rate is still running strong. Now we can see your eyes, arms and legs. Your growth and development has been completely normal so far, and we are very thankful for that.

Today's appointment was what they refer to as a panel visit. The nurse did the ultrasound, questioned your father & I (mostly me) about family history and then did some bloodwork.

The nurse performed the ultrasound herself, and while the pictures are not as clear as they have been in previous weeks, we got to see you move! You moved your arms and legs quite a bit, and even your whole body once or twice!

I still do not handle bloodwork very well, but I stared at your picture while the nurse did what she needed to do. I barely felt the needle this time.

This week at church, my friends said to me "You're showing!!!" For the first time, people other than your Dad & I have begun to notice my growing belly. I am in maternity pants now, and they are still on the big side. I am continuously having to pull up my pants, and I think you would find that as funny as I do.

We got to tell more family about you this weekend, and we enjoyed that so much. Your grandparents are becoming more and more excited too. They have been very cautious, but now they are beginning to show how happy they are about you.

We are beginning to rearrange things so that we can clear out your room. We still have not decided on a theme, but it will probably be ocean or animals. I want you to have a love and appreciation for living things from an early age.

Today is the first full day of fall, and the leaves are just beginning to turn. I cannot wait for you to be able to see the beautiful colors of nature for yourself!

These weeks are moving so slowly! We cannot wait for March to roll around!

Love always,

Your Mom

Red Reactive Serving Bowl & Platter

Red Reactive Serving Bowl & Platter, Pier 1, $30 each


Meet Cedar

Meet Cedar, the newest member of our family.

Direction Candleholder

Direction Candleholder, Crate & Barrel, $6.95 (sale)


Sari Tray

Sari Tray in Antiqued Red, Pier 1, $35


Bijou Duvet Cover

Bijou Duvet Cover, Crate & Barrel, $99 - $149


Bankuan-Weave Nesting Baskets

Bankuan-Weave Nesting Baskets, West Elm, $69 (set of 3)


Not a River

No, you are not seeing a river or even a pond.

This is my driveway today, thanks to rain from the tropical storm. We are stranded at home. The picture does not adequately portray the high speed in which the water is rushing over the driveway, and the deepness at it's lowest point. This one is going to cost us some serious cash to fix.

Circles Fabric Tote Boxes

Circles Fabric Tote Boxes, The Container Store, $11.99 - $19.99


Roost Acorn Lidded Basket

Roost Acorn Lidded Basket, Velocity Art & Design, $63.80 Dark Low Set of 3; $52.80 Dark Tall Set of 2; $52.80 Natural Tall Set of 2


Tacoma Flower Shaped Tumbler Set

Tacoma Flower Shaped Tumbler Set, Plum Party, $22 (set of 4)


Artist Spotlight: Sungha Jung

12-year-old Sungha Jung of South Korea found internet stardom on YouTube with his talent for playing acoustic fingerstyle guitar.

"Your Song":

"The Boxer":

"Canon in D":

"The End of the World":

"When the Children Cry":

Jonathan Adler Snail Box

Jonathan Adler Snail Box, Barneys, $65


Sea Glass Goblet

Sea Glass Goblet, Anthropologie, $12

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