Legendary Pianist Dies Suddenly

On February 22, legendary Steinway pianist Anthony Burger passed away suddenly while playing for one of the Gaither Homecoming cruises.

Burger was an extremely talented musician who often brought the audience to their feet in amazement while performing.

Further information on his life and career can be found at his website.


Artist Spotlight: The Ten Tenors

The Ten Tenors create beautiful harmony with beautiful songs. The group formed in 1995 when all original ten were studying opera in their native Australia. Now they have perfected their dynamic into a fabulously entertaining show of lights, music (of course), comedy and even dance.

The group highlights a wide variety of music styles from Opera ("Without the boring bits") to Queen (their "Bohemian Rhapsody" rendition is superb, as is their "Bicycle Race"). One of the most beautiful songs I have heard is their version of "Stonde". The Ten Tenors have something for everyone. Catch them when they are in your area!

(Just ignore the Quality of the picture on this next one!)


Five From My Playlist - 02/02/2006

Here are some more..

1) "Blueberry Hill" - Fats Domino. I love this guy. This song is a long-time favorite of mine.

2) "Answer" - Sarah McLachlan. This song was featured on an episode of General Hospital. It is just lovely.

3) "By the Mark" - Gillian Welch. I really don't like country, but I do like bluegrass. Yes, that's possible. And this song proves it.

4) "I Wanna Go to Heaven" - Mark Lowry. This is such a fun song. Mark sings all 4 parts, and the lyrics will make you smile. Here he performs with three others, but you still get to gear the lyrics.

5) "Extraordinary" - Liz Phair. A powerful song from a female perspective.