Furry, Happy Monsters

I try to watch enriching shows with Grace (i.e. "Sesame Street"). Sometimes, they actually have some entertaining pieces for all ages, like this guest appearance by REM from a couple years ago.


Music: Editor's Note

I try to feature video clips for songs that I deem deserving of highlights.  In doing so, sometimes I will find a better, higher quality, more official video after I post a highlight.  When that is the case, I try to go back and replace the video in the original post.

Obviously, I cannot watch every video for every song that I want to feature.   I am open to suggestions for any of you who may know of a better recording than the one that I embed!  You can contact me by leaving a comment on a post or sending me an email at amyboyteblog(at)gmail(dot)com.


Friday Find: Shadow Pillow

Shadow Pillow, Bobby Berk Home, $50

Book Releases - May 2009

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