Artist Spotlight: The Piano Guys

Another YouTube discovery: The Piano Guys, a music duo consisting of Pianist Jon Schmidt and Cellist Steven Sharp Nelson, began by posting video renditions/mashes of popular music. They released their first album, 'Hits, Vol. 1' in December 2011.

It was extremely hard to narrow down the videos featured here.  Check out the YouTube site for much more!

"Michael Meets Mozart" - 1 Piano, 2 Guys, 100 Cello Tracks:

"Somewhere Over the Rainbow/Simple Gifts":

"Nearer My God to Thee (for 9 cellos)":

"Rolling in the Deep" (Adele):

"Cello Wars (Star Wars Parody) Lightsaber Duel":

"Me and My Cello - Happy Together" (Turtles):

"Without You" (David Guetta/Ft. Usher):


In Christ Alone

Keith & Kristyn Getty perform In Christ Alone:


Iggy Peck

Grace's current favorite book is Iggy Peck, Architect by Andrea Beaty with illustrations by David Roberts.  The book chronicles the saga of young Iggy Peck, who first showed signs of architectural brilliance at age two. Clever rhymes and brilliant illustrations set this book apart. Grace told me during last night's reading session that she wished she could watch Iggy Peck on TV.  She also told her preschool class all about it.



Book Releases: April 2012

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