Inspiration: Peafowl

Every few years, including this one, feathers take up a prominent place in the world of design.  Decor pieces, jewelry, accents to flower bouquets - feathers are everywhere.

Perhaps the most beautiful feather of all belongs to the peafowl, more commonly known as the name of the male of the species - the peacock.  He displays his stunning array of feathers as part of a mating ritual to attract the much less colorful females, known as peahens.

There are two species of peafowl, the Indian and the Green.  The Green is considered an endangered species.

Photo above courtesy bwholden1.

Flickr Roundup:

Albino Peafowl:


Amazing Day

Amazing Choral Piece of "I Thank You God for this Amazing Day:


David Garrett + McFly

David Garrett and McFly perform "Live And Let Die":


Altered Memories

Intertainment Kings Rhett & Link have tackled T-Shirts, Pillows and tons of local commercials (like this one). Here's their spin on Photoshop:


Friday Find: Eloise Round Toss Pillow

Kas Eloise 16" Round Toss Pillow in Teal (also available in Berry),
Bed, Bath & Beyond, $29.99


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