Artist Spotlight: The East Village Opera Company

Opera meets Rock in a blend that you have never quite heard before. And the result is amazing. That's what you get with The East Village Opera Company. The group features two powerful vocalists backed by an extremely talented band. Get ready to hear "La Donna E Mobile" as you have never heard it before.

I love every song on the CD, but my favorite is "When I Am Laid In Earth". The band really shines in their version of "Overture" (from "Le Nozze di Figaro).

This is definitely a fun and exciting spin on Opera.


Levi Strauss Goes "Eco" Friendly

Jeans staple Levi Strauss announced a new "Eco" collection of denim for the Fall of 2006. The new jeans will be made completely of organic cotton. Additional eco products will be announced next spring.

Why go organic? Organic cotton is grown with innovative, biologically safe methods without the use of agri-chemicals. Agri-chemicals are often toxic to the environment.

To find out more about organic cotton, go here: