Adamas Basket

Adamas Basket, Crate & Barrel, $79.95
(14.5" diameter, 16.75" height)


Meridian Table Lamps

Meridian Table Lamps, Feel More Human, $70
Different Shade Patterns & Sizes available


Campfire Candleholder

Porcelain Campfire Tealight Candleholder with Firewood & Rockpit, unCommonGoods, $20



Happy Anniversary Jonathan!

Hello Alison!

Alison Paige Leonard arrived this afternoon! She weighed in at 7 lbs, 6 oz and 19" long. Congratulations to Carrie & TJ, the proud parents. Alison is the first great-grandchild of our grandparents! More pictures here.

Concentrix Clock

Concentrix Clock (31" diameter), Z Gallerie, $269



Hubman USB Port, unCommonGoods, $29 (4 USB 2.0 High-speed Ports)


Colorful Rings Cutting Board

Colorful Rings Cutting Board (tempered glass), MoMA Store, $28


Buddy Wash

Cloud Star Buddy Wash in Lavendar & Mint, drugstore.com, $6.79
This stuff makes my Shih Tzus the best-smelling dogs in the neighborhood.



French Bull Salad Servers

French Bull Salad Servers, mxyplyzyk, $12.95
mxyplyzyk uses Flash to display their products, so you may need to scroll over a few rows (in the Living Wares section)

Why You Should Teach Your Parrot His Name & Address

Did you hear about this story in the news?

Police rescued Yosuke, an African grey parrot, and placed him in the care of a vet. After a few days, he began to talk.

He recited his name and address for the vet, who was able to verify the information and contact the family!

See the entire AP article here.


Marble Flower Soap Dish

Marble Flower Soap Dish, Target, $4.99 (Clearance price)


Artist Spotlight: The Hush Sound

A few highlights from The Hush Sound:
"Sweet Tangerine":

"Wine Red":


More Sweet Tangerine...
Here's the pure audio:

And the acoustic version:

Site Spotlight - Stuck in Customs

I love photography, and I have recently discovered the beauty of HDR photography.

When I stumbled on Stuck in Customs a few months ago, I found myself completely blown away by the depth of color and beauty of the work of Trey Ratcliff. His art chronicles his travels around the world.

This photo is entitled "The Airy Doom of the Duomo."

Check out his work on his website and his blog.

Warhol Butterfly Plates

Andy Warhol Butterfly Plates, CB2, $1.50
(four different color patterns available)


Carthage Pierced Covered Lanterns

Carthage Pierced Covered Lanterns, Burke Décor, Small is $29; Medium is $65; Large is $120
I need to buy these covered lanterns just because I live in Carthage now.


Impressionable Dipping Dish

Impressionable Dipping Dish, Violet, $23
Filling dish with olive oil results in 5 spectacular shades


Gap Creek Candles

Gap Creek Candles, $9 from the online store.

This candle company of Biscoe NC, maintains a store location in Southern Pines. The candles of the size shown above are $7 at the store. They are also available at select retail locations.

I really like "Lavender & Lemon", "Rain", "White Birch" and "Citrus Herb".

The First Three Months for a Baby Panda

TreeHugger posted a set of incredible photographs documenting the first three months of life of a Giant Panda in captivity. Check it out here.


Ibiza Lanterns

Ibiza Lanterns, Wrapables.com, Medium Size (5"x5"x15") $21.95; Small Size (3.5"x3.5"x11.5") $13.95


The Middletons Plate Set

The Middletons Plate Set by Marco Cibola, Poketo, $40 per set

Each melamine plate has it's own personality and it's own name. This set is made up of Doug, Janet, Claire & Perry.


Giovanni Lotion

Giovanni Hydrate lotion in "Grapefruit Sky", available at Target for $9.99.
All Giovanni products are certified organic, formulated from essential oils derived from renewable plant sources. In addition to their body care line, they also create organic hair products.
BTW: I also love Kaori Almond & Vanilla Body Lotion, also available at Target for $9.99. It contains minerals from the Dead Sea. The fragrance alone will make you want to buy 5 bottles.


Book Releases - May 2008

Releasing this month: