Artist Spotlight: Joshua Radin

Lately I have been really into soulful folk rock with powerful lyrics and an equally powerful voice. Joshua Radin illustrates all of the above. His soft, yet strong poetic lyrics celebrate the beauty that love can be, even in heartbreak.

Visit his website for more information.


Five From My Playlist - 07/19/2006

1) "Closer" - Joshua Radin. This soft acoustical track takes me to a warm summer day with a cool breeze floating through the air. Really the whole album does. Sigh.

2) "Nothing in My Way" - Keane. So far I've been impressed with every song I've heard from this group. This melody makes me smile.

3) "Put Your Records On" - Corinne Baily Rae. A catchy tune with a fun message.

4) "Raindance" - K'Zula. I was looking for a relaxing track featuring African tribal drums. I found it.

5) "Main Ki Malhar" - Shivkumar Sharma. I wanted a track featuring the sitar, a traditional Indian stringed instrument. I found that too!