Wired Science - Amazing Animal Videos

Wired Science recently posted a collection of the Top 10 Most Amazing Animal videos. Prepare to be amazed as you witness an epic battle, polar bears playing with dogs (see photo at left) and a spectacular octupus camouflage scene.

Looking for more? Many commenters have added links for their favorites as well.



Ice, Ice Baby

Here's a clip from Ingrid Michaelson's fabulous performance in NC last month.

Friday Find: Recycled Glass Tree Globes

Recycled Glass Tree Globes, unCommonGoods, $45 each

Friday Finds

After 7 months of a Find-A-Day, I have decided to make this a weekly occurance instead of daily. So now, each Friday you will find a new "Friday Find" featuring a particular item that caught my eye while perusing fabulous online retail sites. Enjoy!


9 Weeks, 3 Days

Dear Baby Girl,

Today was our recurring 4 week doctor's visit. I did not get to see you this time, but I did get to hear your tiny heartbeat swishing away. I also got to hear some pretty loud kicks. When the doctor would push the monitor into my belly, you would give it a swift kick.

I cannot feel your kicks very much, yet. They still feel like tiny flutters. For the last few weeks it has been difficult to differentiate your kicking from my stomach rumbling!

We have reached a milestone - we are at the halfway point. The doctor says that everything looks good. I am so proud of you for that. I have been really worried since I came down with a pretty rough cold. I prayed hard that you would not be affected by it. I feel sure all my coughing makes you uncomfortable. Luckily, my coughing is beginning to subside now.

Today was the first day that we met this particular doctor - Dr. O. Since you have been doing so well, Dr. F put me on doctor rotation. They do this since any one of the doctors may be in the delivery room. They want to be sure I have met all of them and feel comfortable with all of them.

Dr. O noticed how much of a rash I have gotten around my belly. The itchiness keeps me up at night, but you are worth it. She told me I have to take Benadryl at night, so we will see how that goes. I have tried to avoid any medication that I can so that you will not be affected.

I have been working hard to figure out what I want your room to look like. It is so important that we design something that will make you feel peaceful, yet stimulated. So far, nothing has spoken to me. I always thought I would want you to have an ocean theme or something like that. Now that you are a reality, I cannot decide!

Love Always,

Your Mom


Book Releases - November 2008

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